Sol #30 the great game

What is your favorite sport. Friday 3:42 I eas in do is house we plaid basketball we did trick shots and it was my turn I called it all  round the world so I  moved forward  turned then shot the ball and the basketball went  around the rim twice then we played with other kids and did two v two me and do won the first match but I had to go it was fun.

Sol #28 the trick shot

What is your favorite activity. 8:54pm I had my  crossbow and my mom said don’t hit now one and I was ok with it but I don’t think my arrow is I shot and the arrow hit the tree and bounced of and hit my mom on the head I call that a head shot then I played with my sister after we got home and did my homework and went to sleep.

Sol #27 the lucky games

Wot is your favorite game please write it down on the comments. O noooooo it’s Tuesday well let’s skip the cleaning and get to the fun stuff we are going to the library to drop of something then we went to the park after again went to the library I was looking for games now way I found the call of duty game the new won so I went home and played it was fun 

Sol #26 when I draw a dragon

Wat is your most great achievements. In 2014 I draw every single time I got better and better so I told myself you can do it so I started drawing a dragon it was cool so I tried to draw more and I did for my class then at that moment I new I had to draw something for my teacher so i drew something with all my classmates name on it and it made my teacher happy and I’m looking forward to do the same this year.

Sol #25 the sounds

Why are you good at. I’m very good at hearing I can hear the birds chirping I can hear the wind blowing it’s actually cool because for me it’s like if I’m hearing a conversation and I’m glad that I can hear them and it’s cool because I can hear the taping of the iPads. I hope you have a great day bye

Sol #22 The Fortnight secret

Did you now wen you play a game it makes you feel happy. O hi there how are you today if  you’re doing well good because I’m playing fortnight I’m in creative I’m trying to make a team battle well I’m going to make it of a war jungle wen it was before the city’s and I hope I can finish it. Well have a great day bye.

Sol #21 The smash over

One  bone can make you penalized. 3:00pm time to go home let’s skip this and get to the important things 4:36 why why me I had to go to the mall with my mom to shop clothes then I played a game with my sister to keep me busy so we fight ted I finished her by making her laugh then it was 5:08 and my dad was at Olive Garden. We ate then we walked to our car will I was planning kaboom i landed in a pile of sticks and rocks the sticks wer hard and pointe if I’ve landed on the sticks the sticks would of went thru my body but it was a miracle I landed in a pile of rocks with no sticks and I wonder how it was my  size.